Reinvent Yourself! 20 Tips to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions


One word that comes to mind at New Years is “Reinvent.” New Years is a time to reflect on previous successes and failures while anticipating an opportunity to make great progress in our financial, personal, professional and love lives. It’s an exciting and scary prospect to “Reinvent” oneself, and most people commit to it through New Years resolutions.

However, do you ever find yourself committing to the same resolutions with each New Year? Most people have problems following through and actually activating their resolutions into realized accomplishments. Remember the following in your quest for Reinvention:


1.    Free Yourself from the Negative – Analyze your life and consider what causes stress and unhappiness. Rather than carrying around a ball and chain, make a commitment to rid the unnecessary negativity from your life. You’ll be amazed at how free you’ll feel.

2.    Learn From Your Mistakes – No one succeeds without failing along the way. Mistakes are valuable lessons that can provide great insight for success. Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.”

3.    Challenge Yourself – Do something that scares you. Whether it be mountain climbing or public speaking, you’ll surprise yourself and feel a boost of self-confidence that fuels future success.

4.    Be True to Yourself – Are you a people pleaser? Focus on self-improvement & self-satisfaction before focusing on others. Also, align your efforts with what truly makes you happy and you’ll have enough fuel of motivation to accomplish them.

5.    Write it Down – This forces definition & clarity of your goals. Write your resolutions down in present tense, as if they are currently true. By doing so, you propel yourself to action. Writing “I will eat healthier,” for example, subconsciously allows postponement. Instead write in this tone: “I am choosing healthier food.”

6.    Be Realistic – Setting an unrealistic resolution can be the same as not setting it at all. Such daunting tasks are at risk for being put off or given up during the process. Being realistic makes a goal more appealing and possible.

7.    Be Detailed – By doing this, we give our subconscious mind a thorough set of instructions to work on. The more information provided the more clear the final outcome becomes.

8.    Don’t Contradict Resolutions – As long as your goals are consistent with each other, your life will feel harmonious and consistent. Otherwise, you’ll feel yourself pulled apart in different directions.

9.    Make a Timeline – For each step toward your goals, write down a time you want them accomplished by, and put in your calendar. This will keep you motivated and set reminders to progress forward at a constant rate.


10.    Visualize – Nothing is accomplished without first visualizing it. Vividly envision yourself accomplishing your resolutions as often as possible. Envision it in detail from start to finish, focusing on how you would feel at the end of the journey.

11.    Take it Step-by-Step – Delineate each definable step toward your goals. This is an effective way to feel a sense of accomplishment as each step is achieved toward an end goal rather than feeling frustrated because the it has not yet been reached.

12.    Take the First Step Immediately – The hardest part of accomplishing a resolution is starting. The sooner you’ve taken that first step, the next will come easier and so on, developing momentum to carry you through the end.

13.    Don’t Be Afraid to Ask – You can’t do all things alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Also, for each resolution, ask for advice from someone you know who has already accomplished it.

14.    Set a Daily Reminder – Place a reminder of your resolutions in your daily morning visual environment. Whether it be your actual written list, a motivational photo, or collage, it will jumpstart your day to focus on your efforts.

15.    Schedule Breaks – Some goals require a lot of hard work, and that’s when breaks are imperative. Schedule short breaks and relaxation periods to reenergize you.


16.    Analyze Along the Way – Tougher, long-term resolutions may require analytically reviewing how you’ve progressed, and perhaps changing your process to more effective methods.

17.    Revise if Needed – No plan goes perfectly as predicted. There are always other variables that my create roadblocks or opportunities. Don’t be afraid to rewrite or revise your resolutions in order to optimize progress.

18.    Stay Organized – Organization is key to setting goals, keeping track of progress, motivating and reenergizing. Have a reliable, accessible, electronic or paper calendar that will be convenient to access daily. Be mentally organized as well, which writing helps accomplish.

19.    Declare Your Goals to Others – By telling colleagues, friends and loved ones your resolutions, you’re holding yourself accountable. They can help discipline you if they see you falling back from your goals and serve as cheerleaders as you progress. You will not want to let them down and greatly motivate yourself in the process.

20.    Reward Yourself – Because you deserve it! Positive reinforcement is always effective. Planning for a reward not only entices you to achieve that goal, but it makes it real and adds merit to the goal. Oh how success is sweet.


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