Get it Right America! The Product/Service is More Important Than Its Marketing.

Great Product  + Great Marketing = *Pure Magic*

Great Product + Poor Marketing = Barely Surviving

Poor Product + Great Marketing = Quick Failure

Poor Product + Poor Marketing = Long-Term Failure


A major variable in America’s current economic downturn is the focus on marketing as the focal point of conducting business. Any company should make its first priority creating products or services that truly cater to the needs of their target demographic.

The Wrong Combination

Poor marketing combined with a poorly researched and created product/service is disastrous over a long, financially disastrous period of time because it will be consumed and rejected slowly, then either the marketing or product will constantly be tweaked in order to find a solution, to become a long-term failure.

Great marketing cannot save a poorly researched and created product/service. It only makes consumers more quickly consume and realize they dislike it over a shorter period of time and causes that business line to fail more abruptly.

The key to creating a great product/service is to fully understand every nuance of the target demographic. This takes great marketing research, which currently in corporate America, is riddled with confounds.

Case In Point

Take for example, the automotive industry. The American automakers are too marketing-centric, carried away with “selling a lifestyle,” while Japanese automakers are product-oriented, and invest in product development more than marketing, selling more cars in the process.

In Closing

Perhaps energy and funds are best allocated on product development and quality marketing research rather than sales marketing and advertising.


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